Pilates by Rhea started in 1997

It all started when my Chiropractor recommended I try a Pilates Mat class to help my chronically injured hip. I had heard of Pilates but was not sure what it was all about.


I had recently completed a dance scholarship with Debbie Reynolds Dance studio and was hoping to continue to pursue my dance career, I knew it would be difficult to do do with a reoccurring injury. I hoped that Pilates could help.. Little did I know that it would become such a huge part of my life. 


I took a handful of Mat classes at a small lovely studio and heard thru a friend that a master teacher was looking for an apprentice

At this time in the Pilates world it was not uncommon to work under a very experienced teacher or a master teacher in order to learn to the Pilates method. Certification programs were not yet mainstream and unless you had been taught directly by Joseph Pilates or one of his master teachers you could not call yourself a "Pilates teacher" (this was a legality, which was eventually resolved).


I started to look for a certification program and found Long Beach Dance conditioning which offered a Pilates program which explored specifically Pilates as injury rehab and injury prevention.

In the program I realized that as "fit" as I was, I needed to work deeper from the core and Form=Function.

After the program I continued to work on my own Pilates practice and with clients teaching one on one or small groups.

I have learned over the years with all students, at every studio I have taught , that Pilates is most effective when you work one on one with a teacher that understands how you specifically use your body. 


This is why in my boutique loft studio or at your home or office our time spent together is to integrate wellness, wholeness and balance from the inside out.