All Classes are 55min


Private Class: This is your time to get the benefit of Private instruction. We start with a warm up on the Mat, move through a series of balance work then move onto the equipment. The class varies on YOUR specific needs, You may want to enhance a current activity, start a new regime or just want to get toned for an upcoming event this is your fitness class tailored to you.

Private class for Rehabilitation: Many students, like myself come to Pilates for the therapeutic benefit it provides. If you are recovering from an injury, post surgery, post physical therapy, suffer from chronic pain or illness this class is the best choice. This is a private class specified for strengthening you physically to live a fuller active life. This is not physical therapy so a doctors release is recomended.



Semi-Private class: This is you and a partner working out and sharing the time/instruction of a class. We start with a warm up on the Mat, and the start of the Pilates Core work.  This class provides some individual attention and instruction, based on you and your partners needs. This class is only open to CURRENT students.

Circuit Class: This class is offered once a week, it is up to 4 people that have experience in Pilates and would like to come in and work out with some instruction on a Pre-Set routine. This class is a great way to add an additional day of Pilates. This class is not for beginners or anyone with an injury. Students must have teachers approval to join this class.


Intro session: This is for a NEW student to the studio or NEW to Pilates.

It is a 60min $75.00 Private class. This is an introduction to Pilates concepts. You will have a greater understanding of the basics in Pilates work, the Mat and the equipment. Release form, intake and all questions including scheduling are addressed during this informative session. All students must take this intro before setting up any additional classes.


**Date class: This class is for couples who enjoy working out together.  

If you come once a week or just add a class to your individual practice its a fun and healthy way to spend time together.