Lentil Soup Recipe


  • 1 lb of dry green/brown Lentils

  • 1 large diced yellow onion

  • 3 cloves of fresh peeled garlic

  • 4 peeled sliced carots​

  • 4 cleaned sliced celery stalks

  • small handful of fresh basil leaves

  • 3 Tbl olive oil

  • veggie/chicken broth

  • salt (to tatste)

  • detilini pasta or brown rice (optional)

Start with a large soup pot on medium heat.

Put your olive oil, Onion and minced/crushed fresh garlic.

Add the carrots and celery.

Stir ingredients on a low/med heat until al dente.

Add Lentils and 8 cups of water/broth of your choice.

Allow mixture simmer, add basil and salt.

Let the soup simmer for 45 min, checking that liquid is not getting low.

Make pasta/rice according to direction in a seperate pot

Serve soup on it's own or with pasta or rice.. yummmmm

**in our home we make it vegan and serve it with a toasty piece of Italian bread**