A Healthy way to set New Years Resolutions.

Are New Years Resolutions a Healthy way to set goals for the New Year OR are they unrealistic?

We all want to start off on the "right foot". This could be meeting someone for the first time, starting a new job, starting a new class, volunteering, or just greeting a new day.

The theory of The New Years resolution is the idea that every year we get a "fresh start".

We have expectations of ourselves and often of others that with this new beginning we can fix or resolve an area in our lives. For some people they see ALL areas of their life in need of improvement.

I love the idea that someone would like to examine where they are at and work to make it better. Self reflection is a wonderful thing but we often have so much judgment towards ourselves that its extremly difficult to see the small changes and improvements we can make (and give ourselves credit for ) on a daily basis.

Throwing all goals into one big soup pot at the beginning of the year ends up being a hodge podge of disapointments at the end of the year because we became overwhelmed.

Instead of tossing an unrealistic amount of Resolutions in the pot OR an unrealistic expectation (then extreme judgment of yourself) for not sticking to it, try one step at a time.

If your goal is to work out more, try adding a single class/ walk to your regular rountine this week. Then next week add a second. If you sucessfully do your first month with the 2 added activies a week you will probably feel accomplished. You can then look at adding more. What "more" is depneds on what feels balanced to you. It may just be walking your dog longer, playing soccer with your kids at the park, going on a Sunday hike. You will then feel accustom to these activities that become a part of your New Year routine over a reasonable amount of time.

You can apply this strategy to any area of your life.

If it's your diet: Start by making a single healtheir food choice once a day, maybe replacing the donut with a piece of whole grain toast with a smear of nut butter and apple slice.

Spending time with family/friends: Get a date on the calendar for next week to grab coffee, a walk, even a 30 min phone call (not text, email, or facebook) stick to the date and enjoy your connection.

Getting organized: Pick a single drawer, closet, shelf in the garage to tackle this week. Get it in order by tossing out unusable items, bag and donate what is still usable to someone else and get to the next area next week.

One step at a time just like a good soup recipe, each ingredient needs time to cook in the pot and in the end you have a Healthy delicious bowl of accomplishment.

**See my Lentil soup recipe**


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