Mountain Pose

Begin by standing with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart.

Ground your feet (barefoot is best) by spreading your toes, placing your weight evenly through out the foot.

Lift your toes up for a moment to feel the ball of the foot settle into the ground, then allow them to touch the ground.

Lift the knee caps up by slightly squeezing the quadracepts (which is the largest leg muscle in the front of the legs).

Tilt your hips so they are directly below your shoulders and there is lots of length from your hip bones to underneath your arm pits.

Next pull in your core by focusing in on your center and bringing your ribs twords your center in the front and twords your spine on your back.

Stand as tall and long as possible.

Lengthen your neck and feel the back of the head as an extension of the spine.

DROP YOUR SHOULDERS by pulling the shoulder blades down the back and slightly twords the center of the spine.

Allow the arms and hands to hang down your sides.. relaxed.

Check to make your hands and fingers are relaxed.

Check to make sure your face is relaxed including your lips and cheeks.

Peel your toungue off the roof of your mouth.

Close your eyes gently lift the eyeballs twords the sky.

Take Big, deep, long breaths.

Visualize your body imovable like a mountain, you feel centered and balanced you are as strong and centered as a mountain.

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