Finding Balance

Finding balance

For me when I feel balanced I feel “just right”. I am not too hot or too cold, Too hungry or too full, too anxious or too sleepy… It is when I feel what I have have on my plate isn’t overwhelming (figuratively speaking).

I spoke about balance indirectly in my last blog about New Years resolutions. Adding an activity a little at a time for it to become a healthy habit rather than an overwhelming new routine in the beginning of the year. I felt this would be a way that fitness could feel balanced in your life.

I have a very hard time with seeking and holding balance squeezing my life. Part of this is my personality. I must feel productive!Get it done! Do it now! Or I am a people pleaser, I don’t want to let anyone down, so I may say yes to doing too many favors, over committing to an already full schedule, or scheduling things too close together.

When I don’t have balance in my life I know that the first thing that suffers is my sleep. I go to bed too late and I don’t sleep well. The next thing that suffers is my daily walks, I push it back in the day and never get to it or I jump on the elliptical for a few min rather that take the time to do the outdoor walk I love. Then finally its my eating habits. I grab whatever is within reach or ready. It could be a healthy apple or it could be the kids leftover breakfast burrito 2 hours after they left it and I inhale it standing at the counter while I am cleaning the kitchen (gross).

This unbalanced routine then seeps it way into my day(s) and I become distracted, forgetful, and cranky. My solution is usually to have that extra cup of coffee, I don’t need.

I always have good intensions about having balance in my life its just often that “Life” gets in the way and my center is thrown off. I know that on a daily basis I cannot “do it all….. but for some reason I feel if I miraculously do “do it all” I will feel balanced. This becomes an unrealistic expectation of myself that is TOTALLY UNBALANCED.

So I think the key is to (as always) start with the very most important thing in your life that brings you a sigh of contentment and make that the priority. Is it meditation/prayer? Is it your Pilates routine you must do?, Is it spending a half an hour reading?, is it connecting with your dearest friend for a phone call (yes I said call, not text, Facebook or email). What is it, that is a necessity for your balance? I will say that when I asked myself this question it was hands down my walk, which becomes a meditative practice (not when I have the dogs or kids with me). Which made me realize I have not made it a priority the last couple weeks and which probably led me to writhing about balance.

There will be those times that is really challenging to have that feeling of balance, so just start with doing your #1 balance inducing activity today and if you get that accomplished you maybe didn’t “do it all” but you did the most important first which brings balance to our lives…… test this out by standing in mountain pose.

See my instruction on mountain pose.