When we wake for the day and before we even get out of bed we get a sense of how much energy we have. Did we get enough rest? Did our dinner from the night before process well? Do we have a long day ahead of us? We then begin to move our bodies and take a mental inventory of how we are feeling physically. We may be feeling the work out from the day before or even notice that we are stiff and needing to stretch. We start to calculate the amount of energy we have in reserve (if any) to tackle what is ahead.

We know from “experts” that the best way to get energy is to MOVE. Which at the time we have low energy we wonder how can we MOVE when we would much rather rest, pour a cup of coffee or have a snack. But nine times out of ten we start to MOVE our bodies and we feel the immediate result of more energy. We stay consistent in our movement, which really can be any form of physical activity.

We also make our diet healthy. We get the nutrition we need, we have balanced meals and we allow ourselves to indulge once in a while. We get enough sleep allowing the body to restore and our minds to rest, we do not skimp on the eight hours recommended.

Lets say we are doing all the “right things” and we still have low energy? What can we look at in your life that feels that is taking more than its fair share and is trickling into other areas of your life?

There are everyday stressors that people have in their lives that are unavoidable. For the most part we all must earn a living, we must take care of our children and or pets. We could have parents that need us to care for them or maybe we have additional obligations.

I have been known to take on too much. I may rescue a pet, offer to volunteer at my boys’ school, plan an event or squeeze in a home improvement project. I expect a lot of myself and feel extremely gratified by completing a task or challenge. These challenges do not deplete my energy, what I find usually does is the realization that something in my life is not working.

What that looks like is an imbalance of energy going to one place. Thoughts about this area of my life take over, I feel distracted by the good stuff and the healthy stuff that work hard to have. Look at your day and see if there is an imbalance of your energy going to one place or maybe even one person…

How does that make you feel when you think about that energy being depleted. Does your body tenses up/ What emotion do you feel? Do you feel resentful or hurt? Do you feel that the energy depleting challenge or person can be placed in a less distracting place in your life? Can you ask yourself to not make that challenge or person in the forefront of your life? Energy can be redirected to make your wellbeing a priority. The best decision you can make is to put your energy toward self care. Make a list mentally or if it helps write it down. Put in order where you feel your energy DOES go. Next do a list in order of where your energy SHOULD go. Last make a list of where you would LIKE your energy to go. How different do your lists look? Are they similar? if they are similar, great! You are probably putting your self care as a priority. If the lists are incredibly different see what can shift and where to find the healthiest place to put your energy. Remember there is no right or wrong, only where you feel your best.

Choosing where to put your mental, emotional, and physically energy is important. Don’t waste time in your life with energy suckers. Look for energy boosters, activities that make you smile, give you a boost for the next thing, spend time with people you love or those who inspire.