Summer season, Time for renew

Summer season for some is a time to relax, gather with friends, new adventures, and enjoy the extended amount of sunlight. With the warmth of the season our feeling is light and breezy wearing less clothes and open toed shoes. There is a fair amount of celebrating, with graduations, weddings & Bar B Q's. Spending time in the garden and early morning walks are activities we add to our routine. Sitting El Fresco with a favorite beverage with good conversations are what we look forward to....

For me this is a time of Renew. It happens to be my birthday "season". We are about mid point in the year and taking the time to reflect on what has been accomplished thus far and what lies ahead is a natural state for me.

I find that most people have a similar feeling even if they aren't celebrating a birthday. New goals are set. having done spring cleaning and completing another school year (if you are a student or have school age children).

So take the time to set some goals with an easy attitude of non judgement towards yourself. Try not to look at your life with all the "shoulds" that didn't happen yet this year. Look at what small adjustments that you can make in this season of Renew, take a deep breath and enjoy all it has to offer.

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