Silver Fox

When I started this work over twenty years ago, I myself was a young athletic dancer. My idea to work with other dancers and athletes was what I based my business on. The studios I worked at may have not had the same market I was looking for but I was able to have diversity in my students that I may have not been exposed to otherwise. Over time and the ebb and flow of my business location, referrals and fine tuning my own teaching style I became introduced to THE SILVER FOX.

The Silver Fox is the student that is not just retired (and retired to the couch) but the active health minded senior. They have experienced life. Their bodies have nicks and dings, weathered surgeries, travel, births and battle scars. They are lined, tanned, and loved. The body of the Silver Fox is beautiful. It is not the body of an athlete or professional dancer but it is challenged more now with the gift of time. The silver Fox knows that the time invested in the body keeping it healthy with movement, specifically strength training and stretching is invaluable.

These are the students that show up no matter what, move with me over the years, and show a slow steady dedication to their Pilates practice.

I am beyond impressed of their technique and concentration in their movement. I have seen that aging gracefully is possible thru a Pilates practice and healthy attitude. I gotta say my goal is to be a Silver Fox...