Specialty Classes at the studio




Over the years one of the amazing parts of Pilates I discovered is that (as Joseph Pilates knew) is that Pilates is for everyone. That sounds simple enough, right? But in actuality each person has a specific need that Pilates can help or goal to enhance.

That is why the studio offers classes to those who may be working another program that requires a specific protocal.

Read some of the details below to see if Pilates can enhance your goals.


  • Are you an endurance athlete that needs to strength train and work your core? Pilates can help you on your bike, run or swim to improve your time, feel more comfortable and confident during the event and speed up recovery. 


  • Are you a golfer that would like to see your handicap improve and hit a personal goal? Or are you more interested in having an enjoyable game without risidual back pain. Golfers need core strength and mobility in their back, hips and knees. Pilates can specifically target these areas for an improved game.


  • Are you working out at Cross Fit or another high intensity gym? You may have lost some of your mobility with all of the strength trainning and muscle building. Pilates can open up your shoulders and hips to improve your WOD and help prevent injury.


All Specialty classes can be scheduled during the regualr class times. Any small group class can also be added if you and friends are interested in starting one.