My Loft Boutique studio is located in the Ostrich Farm Lofts in beautiful South Pasadena. 

The light, bright and airy studio is on the 3rd floor of a re-purposed building that was once upon a time part of a large Ostrich Farm.

It is a work /live building, some residents/businesses are artists, musicians, photographers, attorneys, architects and graphic designers.

It is a professional yet eclectic space. 


The Space

The space is open with high ceilings and bright natural light. 

I have worked in every type of studio over the years, some have been converted spaces, subleases, chiropractic offices, gyms, private homes and even outside.

This is by far my favorite space. It is intimate but not small. The colors are soothing and natural. My small fountain softens the industrial architecture and music is kept low and in the background.

The space is not serious or stuffy. Our time together is work that should be enjoyed.


I have three reformer/Tower combos to work on, a wunda chair, boxes, jump board, mats and lots of props.

The reformer I chose to put in the studio is a Balanced Body Allegro. This piece of equipment offers the largest flexibility of any Pilates reformer.

It is my personal favorite that I have worked on over the 17 years I have been doing Pilates and often hear from clients "You can do Everything on this machine!"